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Model: LC-CD
Menşei: İsviçre






The universal all-surround






The LC-CD mixing-amplifier family is ideally for use in smaller office environments for clear voice announcements and good quality background music. The 6 inputs can be configured universally for speech or music, whereby the possibility for the triggering of freely determinable chime or speech files in WAVE-format rounds off the unit’s functionality. The customer requirements can be configured simply and easily with the integrated user interface.
The modular connection of an additional housing (LC-CD-EXT8) in combination with the digital microphone console enables announcements to be made in up to 8 different zones with simultaneous background music in other areas. The digital amplifier range from 50 – 250 W with 100 V technology allows for implementation in larger spaces without restriction in respect of placement of loudspeakers and for the combination of any loudspeaker types.